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Performance Improvement of a Centrifugal Compressor Using a Developed 3D Inverse Design Method

In this research, the aerodynamic design of a centrifugal compressor is carried out using an inverse design method. At the first step of the aerodynamic design, the shape modification capability of compressor meridional plane is generated by linking up the Ball-Spine inverse design algorithm as a shape modification algorithm and quasi 3D analysis code as a flow solver. Then, the meridional plane is modified by improving the hub and shroud pressure distribution and applying it to the inverse design code. At the second part of this research, by developing a novel design method on the blade to blade plane, and incorporating it into the quasi 3D flow solver, the 3D profiles of impellers will be obtained in order to reach the higher blade loading. Finally, to check the outcome of design process, the current and the modified impellers are analyzed using the full 3D flow solver, CFX. The results are the representatives of about 5 percent enhancement in compressor total pressure ratio.

September, 2012


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