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One Dimensional Design of Single, Two and Three-Stage Ejector of a Wind Tunnel

One of the most common facilities utilized in supersonic wind tunnels is the multi-stage ejector system. In this study, according to characteristics of the test section including Mach number, static temperature and stagnation pressure, prominent features of the single, two and three-stage ejectors such as mass flow rate, velocity and stagnation pressure are computed. Validation of the developed computational code results is performed via comparison with the experimental data of a wind tunnel operating at Mach number 2.
At the earlier section, design parameters of single ejector versus different mach numbers of the test section are presented and then effect of static pressure reduction as a means of vacuum induction at the outlet of the wind tunnel is discussed. Furthermore design of two-stage ejector according to two methods of equal Mach number and equal stagnation pressure for ejectors is completed and in the last section three-stage ejector is studied base on the same stagnation pressure for comprising ejectors.

January, 2012


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