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Heat Transfer and Flow Region Characteristics Study in a Non- Annular Channel between Rotor and Stator


This paper will present the results of the experimental investigation of heat transfer in a non-annular channel between rotor and stator similar to a real generator. Numerous experiments and numerical studies have examined flow and heat transfer characteristics of a fluid in an annulus with a rotating inner cylinder. In the current study, turbulent flow region and heat transfer characteristics have been studied in the air gap between the rotor and stator of a generator. The test rig has been built in a way which shows a very good agreement with the geometry of a real generator. The boundary condition supplies a non-homogenous heat flux through the passing air channel. The experimental devices and data acquisition method are carefully described in the paper. Surface-mounted thermocouples are located on the both stator and rotor surfaces and one slip ring transfers the collected temperature from rotor to the instrument display. The rotational speed of rotor is fixed at three under: 300rpm, 900 rpm and 1500 rpm. Based on these speeds and hydraulic diameter of the air gap, the Reynolds number has been considered in the range: 4000

December, 2011


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