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Design of Axe-symmetric Diffuser Via Genetic Algorithm And Ball-spine Inverse Design Method


In this research, aerodynamic design of a 2D diffuser is performed via BSA inverse design method. To do this, a numerical boundary layer code is incorporated to the genetic algorithm to reach to an optimum pressure distribution on the wall in such a way that the maximum pressure recovery is obtained without separation. To validate the developed boundary layer code, the calculated quantities are compared with Blasius and Howart’s analytical results. Then, the optimized pressure distribution will be the candidate "target pressure distribution" for the inverse design algorithm to find out the relevant optimum geometry. Geometry modification takes place based on the combination of Ball-Spine algorithm and Fluent software as the flow field solver. Implementation of this combination is completed through UDF feature of Fluent. To show the true performance of the proposed method of inverse design, several issues have been investigated for different initial guess. To validate the effect of the presented method, increased pressure coefficient for an optimized diffuser is illustrated.

July, 2011


Conference Papers