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2-D Aerodynamic Design of Turbojet Engine S-shaped Air Intake Considering the Engine Nose Effects


Inverse design is one of the design methods of aerodynamic ducts such as S-duct intakes. In these problems, the duct geometry is unknown but the pressure distributions along the walls are given. In this paper, a new inverse design method called “flexible string method” is introduced. In this method, the duct walls are modified from initial guess to final shape based on the flexible string movement algorithm according to pressure distribution. At first, in order to practical design of a 2D jet engine S-shaped air intake according to flight Mach No. and required conditions in the jet engine intake, a preliminary duct is designed using an inverse design algorithm and an Euler flow solver (with no considering the jet engine nose effects). Design of the lips engine is the second step. At the third step, the effect of the jet nose is considered. Finally the design of S-shaped duct is analyzed with a viscous code to study the performance of the designed duct.

August, 2011


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